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Hugh has made a significant impact on me personally and professionally. We began our coaching sessions earlier this year and they have helped me to unlock my potential in multiple aspects of my life. If I’m ever uncertain of something, Hugh has the unique ability to help me see things from a different perspective and find the ideal outcome or path. We have covered many areas from parenting advice, to career advancement and goal setting. I find our weekly coaching meetings extremely useful, as I always have a chance to speak openly to someone I trust, in a safe environment. I look forward to continuing to work with Hugh for a long time to come. I would highly recommend that anyone who has the chance to work Hugh, takes full advantage of the opportunity. Thanks for everything Hugh!  - Robbie

Over the past few months Hugh Hamilton has coached me in several areas of my life, including friends & family, finance, career, fitness and relationships. Helping me understand some of my previous patterns and making me reassess ways I address or look at certain situations. The weekly tasks he sets me are thought-provoking yet reinvigorating, and have given me a fresh perspective to areas of my life I felt had gone stale or digressed.

I look forward to our meeting every week and really value the input I receive from Hugh often reviewing previous session ‘takeaways’ again weeks later. -


When Hugh approached me to start leadership coaching sessions with him in September 2020, I was a little trepidatious to begin, worried that our existing professional working relationship may intrude in me being able to fully adhere to the coaching and that the 2 areas may cross, causing issues in our day to day dealings. But I shouldn’t have worried at all, if anything having someone like Hugh that knows more than most in my chosen career pathway has given even extra to his coaching. He makes me think of areas for growth that I had never thought of previously and instilled a belief in my capabilities that I had been lacking for some time.


Hugh has proven to be the catalyst to getting me back in a more brighter mindset and changed what had become a seemingly negative outlook back into a positive one.


I can safely say working with Hugh has been as thoroughly rewarding experience and would strongly recommend his skills to anyone looking for assistance in refocusing their life goals and ambitions.


Thank you Hugh - Sam

As a mid-size consulting business with our people as our sole strength, the feeling of uncertainty that COVID-19 instilled in everyone naturally affected our people too in many ways. We were lucky to have found Hugh Hamilton of Hugh Hamilton Leadership Group who met with me and other senior management, understood our issues exacerbated by COVID as well as other gaps emanating due to communication, retention, motivation etc, and provided a detailed strategy to engage and address it. He engaged with almost the entire hierarchy on a one-to-one basis (in multiple time zones) as well as group sessions over the course of a couple of months and by being a sounding board and asking questions through exercises and well-planned activities, that led to multiple employees realize their potential and step up to becoming effective leaders. Each and every employee reported that the sessions were invaluable to them and from our bird's eye view, we're able to see a shift in the work culture (to being more energetic and purposeful). Hugh is incredibly easy to talk to and even though we have had prior experiences with Corporate Coaching, Hugh's approach to Coaching is completely different in that while a lot of corporate Coaching organisation's approach the subject matter by pointing the negatives, Hugh focuses on the positives which makes the coaching much more acceptable across the board. Thank you Hugh Hamilton Leadership Group - we HIGHLY recommend them.  - Karan

Hugh's coaching has been a breath of fresh air for me. We have been working together since I started working with the organization, and he has helped me understand myself better and how to handle certain scenarios. I leave our meetings with a feeling of awareness and usually with better solutions to reducing my problems. I look forward to our meetings every week. - Adam 

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