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Your organization’s values are the bedrock for your success.  When your employees’ values align with your company’s values you’ll have fulfilled workers showing up for work with a purpose.  A half day workshop followed by one on one sessions with your staff will increase productivity and motivation.  Not sure what your values are?  We can meet with Senior Leaders and after a few creative activities can begin to establish your core values that you’d like to share with the entire organization.

Executive Coaching

Suppose your partner asks you to go to a dinner party and you’re absolutely dreading it. The circumstances of this event will stay the same no matter how you are viewing it. The one thing that can change is your perspective to this event. There are many perspectives available to you if you are willing to make that choice. That big meeting, spending time with the kids, the difficult conversation with your employee, asking your boss for a raise are situations many of us will face. Now imagine having the power to choose perspectives for every situation you encounter throughout your day. What would that do for you? How open are you to adding this to your skillset?


We all face transitions throughout our lives. That might be retirement, a new job in a new city, kids

leaving home, downsizing, upsizing and it can be daunting. Through one-on-one coaching we help elicit

lightness and an air of excitement to big changes that you may be struggling with. As change is the one

constant throughout our lives it makes sense to put someone in your corner from time to time. Let us

be accountable with you through one-on-one coaching.


We come across this quite often at Hugh Hamilton Leadership Group. Coaching is in its infancy and
hasn’t yet hit mainstream. Our job is to help educate about the advantages of working with a
Leadership Coach. Let’s set up a 20-minute demo to help you or your team realize what is possible.


Coaching Sales and Service will give your employees a very different perspective on what will make
them successful. Each of your employees are naturally creative, resourceful and full. What works for one won’t work for another. Through half day workshops followed by one on one coaching your sales and service people together with a coach will create their individual model that fits. Hugh Hamilton has over 14 years training sales and service professionals. Coaching adds the dimension that works. What would that do for you to have your people playing to their strengths on a daily basis? Let’s look at that with a half day workshop followed by one on one coaching.


Have you ever played on a very good sports team? One that looks out for one another, picks up for

others after mistakes, and is genuinely pleased for other’s happiness? We can have that type of team in our office too. The key is awareness to the impact your words and actions have on others. What opens up for you when you put yourself in someone else’s shoes? Let’s find out and skip the forming, storming, and norming stages of teams and move straight to performing. Half day workshops followed by one-on-one coaching to “lock it in” will create your authentic team.

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