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We coach Senior Executives, developing leaders, and teams to unlock potential. We help build awareness, encourage alternative perspectives, and challenge individuals while being accountable with them.





My wife introduced me to coaching while she was working for Mercedes Benz. At a staff function I met the directors who brought coaching into her organization.  I was immediately struck by their passion and signed up that night for Co-Active Leadership Coaching. Coaching has ignited a passion that I want to share. The answers come from within each individual.  I ask open ended questions to get them out of their heads and to use their hearts, guts and intuition. As I ask them questions I also answer for myself on a personal level. After finishing my core courses I became an internal coach for a professional sports team. I have been able to help them with awareness, intuition, taking the first step, perspectives, goal achieving and unlocking their potential. I have created the Happiness Plan TM that helps people live the life of their dreams.


Hugh Hamilton has an extensive background in sales and service, including expertise in the 3 Rs.   Sales has also brought him to Philadelphia and Atlanta selling door to door.  He has been a teacher in Vancouver, Bali and Taiwan.  Hugh was instrumental in developing the Monster Soccer League in Tainan.  It was the first soccer league for kids in Tainan and was a huge challenge encouraging parents to share the focus of exercise with scholastic pursuits.  Most recently Hugh has spent the last 15 years with a professional sports team as senior manager, club engagement.  He has over 300 hours coaching front office staff and academy coaches and achieved his Associate Coaching Certification in 2022.  His passion is helping people unlock potential and reach heights they never dreamed possible.



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